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This newsletter shares content marketing success stories, awesome content creation hacks, line-ups of must-have AI content creation tools, and much more. Do you publish content regularly as part of your marketing efforts? This newsletter is your doorway to all the latest tools and trends to stay ahead of the curve. Still wondering how to start your content marketing journey? This newsletter could be your guiding light.

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About Narrato

Narrato is an AI content platform for marketers and creators to create winning content collaboratively faster and better. Narrato turbo-boosts the entire content creation journey - from ideation, planning, creation, optimization, collaboration to publishing.

Select features of the platform:

  • AI content creation, ideation and optimization assistant

  • Content project management including tasks assignment, tracking and management

  • Content workflow automation

  • Advanced content editor with an AI writing assistant that helps with content creation, readability, grammar and structuring improvements, and plagiarism checks

  • Get automated SEO content briefs to scale the ranks on SERPs

  • Content calendar, AI content ideas generator and other planning features

  • Generate stunning AI images from text

  • Create and use custom content templates

  • Organize content and projects in folders and maintain content repository

  • Content publishing automation

  • Freelancer payments management

  • Client content delivery, feedback and collaboration for marketing agencies

  • Content marketplace to hire writers ( )

Other features: Guidelines and Brand Assets Repository, Multi-Language Support, Free Image Search, Integrations with ChatGPT and Canva, Custom Integrations with Zapier and API, Custom Reports and more.

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